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Change your behaviors

Change your Behaviors and Patterns and Change your Life

Do you know relationships have a significant bearing on our life?

Families are so diverse and I often wondered how did I shift through all I observed, learned and was taught in my own family. Families influence our perceptions of life until we unravel the falsehoods, to find the truth for ourselves.

False family beliefs have a lot to answer to; it’s no one’s fault – we are all brought up in a family of some sort, be it biological or in another caretaker’s placement.

Often what we are taught by our family was what they learned. They to were conditioned to belief, think or behave in a certain way.  This in turn formulated their beliefs and perceptions.

Unless you’re aware and make the decision to change yourself you will continue to carry on what your took on. Are the behaviours or patterns you are using serving you today?

We can only change our behaviors and ourselves so, if you feel your not being your authentic self maybe it’s time to initiate changes within yourself.

Only we can change outdated behaviours and patterns

If we don’t change things for ourselves then nothing will change. The same scenarios will continue to play out for generations to come. The onus is then on them, your future generations  to make the decisions to change.

So it’s up to us as we grow up and mature as adults to change what we were conditioned into. If we are not happy with our lives then change it. We can only change ourselves.

So don’t blame others; they were only doing the best they could. Just say to yourself this is enough and I’m committing myself to change what doesn’t serve me anymore. Remembering we can only change ourselves.

To discuss the changes and patterns, book in for a free 15 minute consultation today.

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