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A soul reading helps people with emotional blockages learn how to become aware of your behavioural patterns so you can move forward emotionally and make more conscious decisions.

  • Stop blaming other people
  • “I’m going to feel great when…”
  • Who are you really?

You have unresolved [childhood] issues that you can’t remember or you don’t want to face or deal with.

The impact of not solving these issues or getting to the bottom of it could include:

  • affected relationships
  • family issues
  • feeling like something is missing
  • irrational behaviours

Through esoteric spiritual traditions you will:

  • Awareness to change your decision making patterns and live a holistic life.
  • Release of emotions, pain, hurt or trauma
  • Understand core issues and where they derived from
  • Breaking down of childhood perceptions
  • Work with a facilitator to work with current emotional state and previous memories
  • Develop a deeper connection with yourself

What it’s like working with Christine

Christine is a one in a million person. As I was driving away from our time together all I could think was “WOW”!! It was literally life-changing.

As I chatted with Christine I was saying things from long ago that I thought was irrelevant (or that I had forgotten about) On a sub-conscious level all of these things came out that I could then identify and really observe.

I love that Christine is so open and non-judgemental but I will say YOU will need to be ready to look at (and I mean really!) look at yourself honestly.

Thank you Christine for helping me to understand myself better and therefore able to move forward with more confidence and true understanding ! Absolutely a life-changing session. Wish I could give you 6 stars!!

– Joanne D, Lake Macquarie


I was having some issues moving forward, I had known for months that there was something blocking this process.

I was introduced to Christine and made an appointment to see her. Within the first 5 minutes, Christine had identified what my blockage(s) were, and over the next hour, we worked through them, discovering and dissecting layer upon layer, often at an subconscious level.

As we moved through each step, I had a feeling of awareness and recognition, until we reached the core issue, and then it was a relief when it was recognised, and I instantly felt lighter.

I highly recommend Christine, I was impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, and how she can tap into your subconscious mind, and help you understand what is holding you back.

-Jacqui Williams Hamilton, NSW. 


I highly recommend Christine Cowin. She helped me tremendously finding my passion and path of life.

She offered me all the guidance I needed to discover my inner self and which path for me to take. I started my sessions with Christine while traveling in Australia and finished my sessions on Skype.

Christine is very flexible, compassionate and an experienced life coach. She will help you discover yourself and archetype, so you can choose the right path for yourself.

– Susanne V, Texas

Sessions Start from $120 per hour 

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