What is Soul Mentoring?

Soul mentoring helps you after you have had an initial soul reading session, learn how to deal with the core issues that were uncovered so you can move forward and improve your day to day life.

It  is the ongoing self development and discovery after your soul reading. This is the follow up process once we have identified your core issues to keep you accountable on your self-discovery journey.

You may be feeling  stuck, anxious, depressed or lacking a support network.

You may not be listening to yourself and feeling disconnected from your higher self where you get guidance from.
By not addressing these inner concerns it is can cause feelings of being unheard, unsupported or misunderstood.

Through  soul mentoring you will have a like-minded person to talk to with no judgement and reconnect with your soul.

The benefits of soul mentoring include:
– Ongoing weekly sessions to dive deep and understand the core issues as identified in the initial soul reading session.
– Explore and understand any crisis that occur
– Practice soul journalling and introduce guided meditations
– Discuss and discuss dreams


I was having some issues moving forward, I had known for months that there was something blocking this process.

I was introduced to Christine and made an appointment to see her. Within the first 5 minutes, Christine had identified what my blockage(s) were, and over the next hour, we worked through them, discovering and dissecting layer upon layer, often at an subconscious level.

As we moved through each step, I had a feeling of awareness and recognition, until we reached the core issue, and then it was a relief when it was recognised, and I instantly felt lighter.

I highly recommend Christine, I was impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, and how she can tap into your subconscious mind, and help you understand what is holding you back.

-Jacqui Williams Hamilton, NSW. 


6 Sessions are the minimum.

Soul Mentoring Package starts from $720

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