What is Soul Fragmentation

Soul fragmentation is when you have gone through a traumatic time and at that moment you can freeze, flight or fight.  During that moment, a part of your soul fragments and disconnects from you and is left in that moment of the situation.  Soul fragmentation causes you to feel empty, and causes you to feel like you have lost your identity.  This can feel like an out of body experience.

Soul fragmentation helps you if you are feel empty or a sense of loss within yourself. It helps you reconnect your missing piece to bring through a more completed self.

This is commonly experienced if you have PTSD, anxiety, depression or multiple personalities.

By engaging in a soul fragmentation session and by recovering any missing pieces of you, it will give you a more connected feeling to yourself.

It is recommended you do a soul reading to help uncover where you may have experienced soul fragmentation.  It is possible to have more than one fragmentation in your life.

“I identified when the child was frozen in its first encounter of that trauma. As a three-year-old I was abused which caused me to fragment a part of myself and i can still see this part of me running off into the bush.  I was told that I was never lost in the bush however this was a very real experience for me. I felt completely disconnect which was expressed in my learning abilities.
When my fragmented self was feeling safe with me, she rejoined me and I was feeling elated because I felt whole.
My spiritual journey process has been longer as I am connected on a deeper level and this is part of my calling. ”

– Christine C

Soul Fragmentation sessions start from $120

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