What is Coaching for Self Discovery?

Personal coaching is you having a personal relationship with yourself.


Do you realise you are your best friend?


You are living in a body that’s yours and for you, and for your holistic self to feel good and to be on track the whole of you must be one. That is your mind, body and soul must all be working in unison. If you are out of sync with one aspect of yourself the whole of you is out of sync.


I will help you identify what is missing in your holistic self.


Do you truly want live a whole, happy, and positive life?


Let me help you to experience that personal fulfilment.


By me asking you the relevant questions to dig up the blocks and fears holding you back and later on using brainstorming and mind mapping to find out what is your ideal life and what dreams you want to achieve and the way you want to live your life.

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