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I was married at a young age and reared my children and when my children were settled into their life directions I left my husband. I decided to go and study and I joined a college in Newcastle, NSW and I studies Esoteric Science, and esoteric, for me is the spiritual knowledge within. I have always known things and this college helped me to understand what I knew. I formed many friendships at my job and at this college and I was experiencing life fully and I loved my new found freedom and I traveled, worked and studied.

But my life was leading me into many dramas and I’d ask myself, why do I attract so many dramas?

Finally, I found peace within as I studied, worked on myself and practiced meditation.

I decided to move overseas and overseas, I began to re-live my life, from my childhood, my teens and my married life, by re-enacting out those situations.

You see I never lived in my body I saw myself as two eyes and this happens to people who have experienced trauma. I never fully faced my inner stuff. I was busy with my family but now I was put into situations to really address my hidden issues and to clear this out and to become a fully aware person and not sleepwalk through life and as time went on overseas, I was been inundated with many dramas, and anger, hatred, confusion, being lost and feeling like something was missing in my life.

It was time for me to come into my physical body and wake up and become aware.

Oddly enough for me, been overseas was the best place for me to do my work because I had no one to interfere with my progress. And I accepted this situation I needed to discover where all this inner pain, anger, hurt and hopelessness came from. All these issues were locked up inside me. I was aware of the abuse, but I’d buried it so deep I was unaware of the effects it was having on me.

Gradually I worked on myself through people, looking into the mirrors of all I’d encountered. You see people come in to play out scenarios for us to deal with our hidden stuff.

But I just keep blaming others and I wouldn’t look at my hidden stuff within me. I was hiding the truth of what had happened to me.

I had to step back and take ownership of my stuff. Finally, I did this and by owning my stuff and reading books, writing and journaling my experiences and drawing, and through healers, astrology, numerology, Reiki and many other modalities I learned of, to heal me, I gradually overcame my situation and in time I learned to forgive those that never protected me and who abused me and who were supposed to have nurtured me. I returned to Australia a very different person.

I solved my problems by opening up to myself through experiences with other people and applying healing techniques I learned, e.g. Reiki to heal myself and through healings from healers, and by talking to healers and as I looked at the situation honestly, I got self-realisation and this is how I solved my problems.


Gradually I could see my own stuff that I was pointing the finger of blame at, in other people and once I started to own my stuff, people moved out of my area or I moved from them and or when we came together there was nothing. Because I recognised it in me and accepted it as mine and forgave myself and others.

And the actors that come in to define me were only characters who on a soul level agreed to play out these parts for me to heal. And this happens for all of us characters will play out parts of us to make you look at our hidden inner stuff for us to heal it.

My biggest breakthrough came recently I did soul retrieval work on myself and I collected fragmented pieces of myself from the time of my abuse and trauma. You see in a traumatic situation a child or even an adult can’t cope so we fragment from our self, to not feel the pain, hurt, shame or anger.

Since healing my fragmented self I am happy whole and complete. If you feel like there is something missing in your life or you feel lost chances are you have a fragmented part of you disconnected from you.

I’ve done all the work and now let me help you to find you; you don’t have to leave the country to re-live your life in scenarios.


Do you feel lost, or do you feel like there’s something is missing in your life? Or are you feeling lonely, confused, hurt and feeling fearful or do you feel pain and feel suppressed or are you having strange mood swings?

Have some coaching done with me and solve your problem or problems. You see to move forward first we must clear our deepest core issues.

Isn’t it time you became your happy and joyous self and start to embrace life and get out of fear, hurts, pains, emptiness, and loneliness etc.?

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