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Masks we wear to hide behind

Masks People Wear

People want to be accepted and so don’t show their true colors.

It’s hard to fully understand people, even in your family.
Because of the masks they hide behind. So, even in the best families we will not truly know each other.
Isn’t it time we all dropped our masks and be ourselves? Masks we wear can cause others pain.

Can we be honest with each other?

Many can’t be honest with themselves for fear of losing love. Sometimes we need to distance ourselves from family and friends and this is okay. If family and friends aren’t honest with you and not upfront this can have an effect on your well-being. To grow as a person we have to move away from and people who are pulling us down. So we must let them go of the masks we wear.

Self-Knowledge is the best knowledge

If your authentic in yourself and drop your masks you can feel safe in your own body. Self-knowledge allows you to be mature and genuine.  Only self-realization can help you to grow as a person.

I learnt to drop my masks. This shocked many of my family and friends and in some incidences I had to distance myself from them. However, as we are true to ourselves we will draw in more like minded people. i

Became in-tune with your authentic self.

Be you without a mask.

To begin your journey and remove your mask, contact me for a Free 15 minute consultation. 


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