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How to be Happy in Life

Have you ever stopped to reflect on whether you are truly happy? If so, what is it that makes you happy? For some people, the answer to these questions may depend on what they’ve spent the day or week doing, but for most others, they believe they find happiness in material things like money, cars, the latest electronic gadgets, good jobs, big houses etc.

Happiness is a Choice
What makes one person happy may not necessarily be meaningful to the next person because we all have different things that are dear to us. For some people, traveling is their key for how to be happy in life. They find happiness in a combination of things related to travel: the search for a destination, the exciting journey to somewhere new and the possibilities awaiting them in these places. But in fact, not everyone likes traveling, and rather than be happy about the idea of traveling, many people find themselves miserable when they have to travel. So again, happiness is a choice here and everyone has a different approach to it.

Psychology experts have established a few things about how to be happy in life from their research. A common factor is that regardless of who we are, we can all find happiness in something in our lives if and when we choose to. Our happiness set-points may differ but there are certain things we can all do to remain happy and be in control of our lives.

Here are five ways to alter your attitude and find how to be happy in life:
Don’t Stand in Your Own Way
True happiness comes from within, and who you really are is only able to shine through when you feel comfortable with yourself. Unpleasant things are bound to happen and if you aren’t able to assert who you are and feel capable of overcoming them, then happiness will always be fleeting. If you’re dealing with something that you think is ruining your happiness, take some time to ask yourself what you can do to stop fixating on these unfavourable events in your life, particularly if you feel you have no control over the events and focus your thoughts in a more positive direction.

Pay Less Attention to Negativity
Happiness is a choice for everyone and not just a few of us. Don’t let anyone let you feel like you are not entitled to whatever makes you happy. Seek happiness wholeheartedly and silence the voices in your head that tell you not to go for it. Let go of naysayers in your life and those people who make you feel less than them. In other words, accentuate the positive and do away with all that’s negative.

Savour those Precious Moments
How often do you just spend time with the ones you love or doing things you love? Did you make sure to savour those little moments? Don’t let even the simplest experiences that you treasure just go by without holding on to them a little longer and appreciating them. Taking that happy feeling with you will enrich your life and make you feel accomplished regardless of what comes along. Positive and precious memories have a way of filling up the present and ensuring our lives are unclouded by bad circumstances. So, savour those moments for as long as you can to stay happy!

Hold on to Your Dreams
True happiness relies on contentment with the flow of things in our lives. That kind of happiness is something you can get from making sure that you are continuously working towards the life you want. It’s okay if you can’t live your dream yet but don’t give up on it.

Happiness is choosing to love your life and the only way to do that is to keep pushing forward to make your dreams come true. Find people to be around that love, support and encourage you to make sure you stay true to who are you and don’t forget your goals.

Find Things to Be Grateful For
The human mind is biased in the sense that it is wired to focus on our past failings, rather than give light to those incredible and positive things that exist in our lives as well. To compensate for this bias, it’s up to you to find time to reflect on what you need to be grateful for. Gratitude for even the simplest things we often take for granted can go a long way in helping you find happiness in the midst of chaos.

At the end of the day, it is key to remember that happiness is a choice and not just some temporary high out there waiting to be found in the newest iPhone or a pair of shoes. It’s right within and around us if only we look close enough and are able to make the right decisions.

These decisions may go against some of our natural tendencies but are very important in order to live a happy life. But if you find that you keep struggling with choosing happiness, one of the best ways to empower yourself is to consult with a life coach. Life coaches can put you on the right path by helping you recognize poor behavioural patterns clearly and correct them with a lasting strategy.

Life Coaching
Everyone knows that moving forward in making life changes is not easy if you’re doing it alone. So, free yourself from the difficult path to self-improvement and sign up to embark on this journey with a personal life coach who can help you find how to be happy in life.

Christine at Reflective Life Coach understands your desire to live the best life possible, and will actively be a part of your journey to creating a path of true freedom and happiness. Get started today by contacting Christine.

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