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Free Yourself from those Limiting Beliefs holding you back in Life

Finding your core beliefs is so important if you want to make lasting positive changes in your life. Once you find these core beliefs, you then need to identify those that can make you feel completely stuck and unable to move forward in life. These are the ones that are holding you back in life and limiting your options.

How to find your Core Beliefs
Apart from being taught what others consider right, children pick up a great deal from what goes on around them. As a child, you learned from your parents, teachers, peers, the media, and several other sources. Unfortunately, not everything you learn as a child is good for you. Some of it has not and will not be beneficial to you now.

Because children are typically so open to learning, they often end up mimicking whoever they find admirable. As a result, you might be living someone else’s life or believing someone else’s beliefs.

Although you may not be sure what it is, something might have changed in you. Your inner child might still be acting out whatever you learned as a child. You could be carrying around someone else’s behaviours, habits, and beliefs. Apart from being outdated, these types of behaviours, habits, and beliefs can cause you a lot of stress in your life and limit your potential in life.

Self-knowledge is the key to finding your core beliefs and overcoming those that are limiting you from moving forward in life.

Identifying all of your Past Issues
You need to start by asking yourself what in your past is keeping you from progressing into the future. You probably do not want to look into your past, especially since most people prefer not to look too deeply within. However, it might be helpful to remember that your past is in the past. Additionally, looking within is not a one-off thing.

As a matter of fact, life is like an onion. Peel one layer off, and you will find another underneath. Although not everyone will be in agreement, most of our problems started in childhood. You might well argue that your childhood was perfect. However, even the most ideal of childhoods had issues that resulted in emotional scars and limiting beliefs to some extent. It is when these are clouding your judgment and ability to make positive changes that you need to delve a bit deeper.

Your caregivers, teachers, peers, and everyone else involved in your upbringing probably did their very best. However, their actions and words might have caused you some sadness, grief, or hurt. Since we tend to bury such feelings, they often end up affecting us as adults.

Ask yourself whether you have any recurring issues from your past, that keep coming up in your life in different forms which you have not addressed. If the answer is yes, do you get to the bottom of such problems? Being able to look at yourself requires inner strength. Even though it will probably be a lifelong quest, it will be very rewarding and your life will improve dramatically.

It is likely that your issues are a direct result of your reinforced conditionings, patterns, and behaviours from the past.

How can a Life Coach Help You?
As a life coach, I can help you identify and be free from those limiting beliefs. Life Coaching involves asking you open questions to help you reveal your true self. Apart from relating back to where you learned them from, you will soon realize what your limiting beliefs are. You can then rid yourself of the unwanted behaviours and habits that stem from those limiting beliefs.

You will start to open up once you are in a relaxed state, one that makes you feel safe. As a result, you will let your words flow freely without allowing your mind to take over. On top of enjoying some wonderful moments, you will get self-revealing clues. Looking into your past without dwelling on it is very helpful in identifying your limiting beliefs. It clears the way and allows you to open up to your future.

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