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Are you feeling lost and stuck

Are you feeling lost and stuck? It is very easy to blame others and feel isolated. A soul healing and a soul reading will help you uncover the patterns that you have adopted over the course of your life and your journey.

A soul healing looks deep within your aura and is communicated with me from another spiritual level, from guides and angels.

I use my gift from God to go through your story and help you understand where you have developed your patterns of behaviour.
I work closely with spirit to receive messages to understand how your past has affected you.

It’s amazing how our past affects us and it does.

Some will reject that idea however; your past has a great bearing on the now and your future life.

Most of us come from some form of dysfunctional family situation, or we experienced abuse, trauma, hurts or other issues in our earlier life. This can be as simple as hurtful words, or trauma from a frightening experience e.g. see an accident or your parents fighting and physical abuse of a parent. Or abusive experiences: sexual, emotional, physical, or spiritual.

Do you know that only two percent of the population have an easy life and the rest of the population have faced adversity?

This is the process and why we are on this earth plane. You are not here on earth not to relax; you are here to self-discover who you are. Your mission is to undo all that was created by you from your experiences. Your creations started in your childhood and this is the key to unravel what went on here to unlock who your true authentic self it.

Life is a journey of getting to know you; and to unravel you.

Many of us hold deep seated anger, shame, guilt, fears, and other forms of emotions. These inner issues affect our work, our relationships and how we communicate in the public arena of life.

These issues can severely damage us and cause us to detach, or even cut ourselves off from loved ones.

Are you carrying unresolved childhood core issues?

Is this affecting you today, leaving you feeling lost and stuck?

You know how a child behaves; when it feels hard done or hurt it can pout, be sad, regress, and suppress emotions, not speak up and hide, disassociate from the group, because it’s too all too hard to share how they really feel. The child ends up suppressing their inner feelings.

The child fears speaking up on how they are really feeling; because if one expresses their true self, they may lose love, be taken away or abandoned; these are some of the scenarios a child can create.

You’re forgotten this and you think I’m a big person and an adult and what happened in my childhood has no bearing on my life now as an adult. Wrong…your little one is still part of you.

Take note how do you react or act out situations when you feel hard done by and there’s your clues and the way you get triggered and who triggers you is it someone who is sparking an old memory?

Ask yourself why does certain people and scenarios cause me to be triggered?

This is your inner child.

Then there is the feeling of being separate; in your body, like there is a piece of you missing.

Do you feel like you’re not a whole person?

This can happen in great trauma or abusive experiences; a part of you fragments or detaches from you and stays frozen in the initial moment of abuse or trauma because it could not cope in the actual experience as it was happening. You have heard of people witnessing their own surgery, or a scene at an accident they were involved in.

If this happened to you in an event or experience you will need to reconnect with that part of you to feel whole again and that is where I can help you do that.  Book in a free 15 minute consultation today. 


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