Christine Cowin

A personal mentor

I work on a spiritual, soul and mirror level.

As an intuitive life coach, the coaching I offer is intuitive which means I can ask you the questions that come through for you to become aware of what is going on within you. And to define… Are you living your life? Or are you living someone else’s life? This can happen to many of us and it’s important to know you are being your true self to yourself.

I can help you quickly gain clarity about patterns in your behaviour and the internal limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

I can then help you eliminate those old patterns for your personal development so you can make lasting positive changes to your life.

My Self-Discovery and Personal Development Journey

I have been on my spiritual journey from birth and I have known about things without fully understanding or knowing where the information came from.

It took me many years on my self-discovery journey to understand what I knew and most importantly to find out who I was and then to rid myself of who I wasn’t.

It took others who triggered me to show me who I was through their mirroring of me, to me.

You see what we see in others is in us and the other people around us are our gifts to discover who and what we are. That is probably not our true self. Because if we are affected by what we see in others it’s something we need to remove or heal in ourselves.

I blamed and accused others of doing wrong by me. However, as I understood myself and found out all was within me and identifying where I’d learned or took on a perception of a behaviour, habit, belief, conditionings etc.

I gradually took responsibility for what I was. And it was my choice to remain as I was or change and grow as a person.

I learned not to judge others for if I judge others I am but judging myself.

I learned to look within to see what was been reflected to me that I had to own. And once I owned it, it disappeared.

A spiritual life is a constant, working on the self and becoming a better person. That’s not becoming a saint. I am not a saint, I am still moody, angry and I get annoyed and I am still learning lessons that are still appearing, however, now I am aware of what is coming to me.

At our core is a lot of hidden stuff and it takes a lot of digging to get to the initial core issues.

We have been taking on others’ stuff, beliefs and behaviours from conception.

Yes, from conception we have been hearing and learning and from that we have been building a perception of our world, but this perception is not necessarily our truth or our true self.

Self Discovery

And so the journey starts when we awaken to releasing the false self and discover our higher self, we can obtain self-empowerment and find our life’s purpose.

My journey has not been an easy one and I’ve had to re-live parts of my life over and over to understand it and to make sense of the lessons I had to learn.

My Aha! Moments told me, it’s mine, it’s not outside of me. And once I started to acknowledge aspects I’d taken on and also brought in to this lifetime, my life changed and peace and harmony gradually came into my life.

The people we invite into our lives such as family, peers, friends, and strangers come in to help us heal ourselves and they are our best teachers and gifts. When we free ourselves from the shackles we’ve placed on ourselves, we can soar to greater heights.

I can say the self-discovery journey has been a struggle at times; however, it’s also been a very rewarding journey.

And when you finally crack your core issues and identify your limiting beliefs and behaviour’s and start to change your life, peace and harmony becomes part of your life.

You are less reactive, less resentful and less resistant to change.

You start to focus on your personal development, what you want and why you are here.

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