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My name is Christine Cowin and I have been on a long journey of self-discovery.

I am an esoteric soul healer who searches your soul to identify core issues that caused you dysfunction in your adult life. Often, the key moments that causes these core issues are from our childhood and we may not even remember or be aware of what triggers these behaviours.

Through my own life experiences, I have uncovered deep seated issues that held me back in my life. I understand this due to my own experiences and I can help you.

How I can help you

My passion is to help as many people as I can recover their broken spirit from the impact of traumatic experiences they have encountered.

I can relate to your story because I too have struggled in my childhood and experienced trauma that led me to lose my own identity. It is not easy when you start to look within to find the answers to why you act a certain way, what triggers a certain behaviour or why you attract certain people who remind you of your sphere of influence from your childhood.
The outcome of this soul journey is very rewarding once you uncover what is not serving you.

My story

I was born into a family that had its own issues and steeped in its own inner regrets, resentments, lies, grief and pains. These people had no idea of the inner workings of the self. They were locked in their own worlds and as a child I sometimes felt more mature than them.
Due to manipulations that occurred, it was unclear to know what my role was in the family and my identity as a child.

Their behaviours, pains and conditionings had a great effect on me and my identity as a child which caused me issues in adult life.
My awareness to these issues came over time and I realised my husband represented the behaviours of my family. By identifying these patterns, I was able to understand that I had fallen into the same scenarios. I sacrificed my time and my journey to stay in these cycles to ensure my children were educated. Once this time period had lapsed, I left and began my journey to self-discovery and healing.

Understanding your story

By understanding your story and what impacted you throughout your life including behaviours, beliefs, conditionings and by uncovering these blocked memories, we can work together to become aware of this ingrained belief system that you have manifested and are still executing in your adult life.

You are striving to live a different life then your upbringing but your actions from that time in your life has caused you to develop patterns and behaviours unknown to you. Now the lesson is to identify and relive that time of your life to identify the core issues and heal your soul.

How a healing session works

In the healing sessions, the emotion at the time of the incident must be uncovered and explored, allowing you to feel and release the emotion formed in that exact moment.

During this moment, you took on a perception of the story and that perception has been running your life because it was made and placed in your subconscious mind where your subconscious mind loved the story you tell yourself.

During this moment, you took on a perception of the story, forming a memory which will continue to impact your life and your decision-making abilities. It is in this moment that this memory will become a constant reminder of the pain that you felt in that moment. This forms your belief system based on your perception of that moment.

An example of this may be:

You were told you were not allowed dessert one night after dinner because you did something naughty on this particular day. This action/punishment may be manifested from a young age that you tell yourself you don’t deserve treats in your life.

As a child, this one moment has molded your belief system that will shape how you live your life.

At this point you in the healing process, it allows you to acknowledge this situation to your inner child and then allowing yourself to feel the emotions of that time so you can dis-empower your emotional blockages.

If you are ready to look within, call me to book a free 15 minute session to begin your soul journey.


To hear more about my story, you can read My Secret Self Series, available through my website. 

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