Intuitive Coaching

When you find your answers to what has been stopping you moving forward then you can find solutions to your problems because you’ll know what’s been holding you back and now you can implement new changes in your life.


Life Coaching

The style of coaching I offer you is intuitive and I will ask you many questions that come to me for you to understand yourself. Remember you have all your answers within you. I am a facilitator to your inner self and I will ask you what your inner self wants you to remember.


Personal Growth

Personal coaching is you having a personal relationship with yourself. Do you realise you are your best friend? You are living in a body that’s yours and for you, and for your holistic self to feel good and to be on track the whole of you must be one.


What is Intuitive Coaching?

Intuitive Coaching gets to the important questions to find the reasons you’re held back and by gaining clarity about yourself you can start to make positive changes in your life. Discover what and who you are not to bring in who and what your are. Truth about  yourself  can bring  about solution to your problems which bring about self-empowerment.

Intuitive Coaching helps you to quickly gain clarity about patterns in your behaviours and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Unlocking the past can help you move forward by reflecting on what it is internally that is holding you back. Unlocking the past is not about living in the past, it is about remembering what may have caused some of your underlying issues and limiting beliefs, habits and patterns of behaviour that may not be serving you now.

Working together, we can eliminate those old patterns so you can make positive lasting changes in your life.

Who is Intuitive Coaching for?

✴️ Anyone who senses they have a deep problem but isn’t sure how to solve it alone.


✴️ Anyone who wants to unlock what’s holding them back.


✴️ Anyone who has struggled to make changes or achieve a goal on their own.


✴️ Anyone who is ready to make the necessary changes in their lives to accomplish their goals.


✴️ Anyone looking to change their lives and become more confidence, motivated and happy.


✴️ Anyone who wants to achieve self-empowerment.


✴️ Anyone who is looking for a more purposeful life to live a happier and fulfilling life.

My Mission

As an intuitive life coach to support you in your self-discovery journey and help you to find your blocks, limiting beliefs and deeper unconscious beliefs, to help you to disclose them and help you recognize what you need to, break free from them, to become your authentic self so you can make positive changes in your life.

How to Discover the Life YOU want to Lead

Initial Discovery Session

When you first get in touch with me, we will set up your first 30 minute Initial Discovery Session which is at no cost to you.

This free session is all about identifying the changes you wish to make and pinpointing issues you feel are affecting your life. And you can touch on the limiting beliefs you believe are holding you back.

We will set up an appointment time if you feel this is for you and we’ll discuss how you wish to receive coaching via one to one, phone or skype. If you choose to have coaching with me I can set you some preparation work before our session.

Identifying Your Goals

When we next meet we will work on an intuitive level through questions to familiarize you with what it is you want to seek to move forward.

We’ll also work through some activities together to identify any self-limiting beliefs that you may not have even realised were holding you back.

Later on you will be able to identify your personal goals and we can identify what it is you need to do to make these changes you wish to achieve. Next we can implement the steps to achieve these changes to become your more authentic self.

And you can take actionable steps to get to your desired outcomes.

Implementing Changes in Your Life

We will continue to work together while you implement changes in your life, your routines and your mindset.

We will assess how the changes are going and work through any issues that may arise.

Change can take time but our time together will be based on how the changes are progressing for you.

My main goal is to ensure that you have the right tools and the right techniques in your repertoire so that you can fall back on these whenever you need to in order to continue living the life that you want to live.

Thank you, Chris, for the wonderful and enlightening session last week.  Your skill and technique is so groundbreaking!

After leading me to the understanding of what is holding me back you kindly led me through the solutions and how to implement them.

I like your truthful approach.

I feel able to move past my ‘roadblocks’ that we worked on – particularly my money blocks – that was quite a revelation to me!!

I’m recommending you to everyone!!

Thank you.

–Nancy, Fletcher, Newcastle, NSW

When I first met Christine I thought this lady has a lovely nature, caring, warm and most of all she was a great listener and talker.

As my weeks went on I was looking forward to my Friday meetings with Christine as I began to learn a lot about myself and I also began to open up about things that were on my mind. Christine helped me to identify these and then I began to establish some positive habits for me to work towards along with achieving some goals that I set for myself.

I feel that I have made some improvements to my life as a result of the life coaching sessions with Christine.

Thank you so much, Christine, you have helped me in so many ways.

— Sharon W, Belmont North, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, NSW.

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