Esoteric Soul Healer

Esoteric Soul Healer

My Mission as An Esoteric Soul Healer

As an Esoteric soul healer, my mission is to help as many people as I can recover their broken spirit from the impact of traumatic experiences they have encountered through Esoteric healing.  Usually, people who have experienced trauma in their life will have developed many unhealthy behaviours, habits, patterns, emotions and dysfunction in the way they live.  These reoccurring patterns can be identified to a core issue and is playing out in their adult lives today, unbeknown or known to them. I want to help others to resurface these core issues and reconnect with the soul and your inner self to heal and to be able to move forward into a better future.

Soul Healing and Readings

This style of esoteric soul healing offers you intuitive benefits; through you relaying your story to me and from your story I will ask you many questions so you can understand yourself and what has impacted you on life’s journey


The my secret self series takes you on a journey with me which uncovers the conditioning’s I experienced as a child and the traumatic experience that unveiled from an early age. My understanding of these experiences didn’t impact me until my late 40’s when I started to question what happened.


Motivational Speaking

The journey starts when we are awakened to inner issues that are complicating our lives. We start to find avenues to work on these false aspects of our self. Gradually we can identify and release the false self.

To reclaim our authentic self and find our true life’s purpose.

How to find your inner voice with an Esoteric Soul Healer?

My quest is to help people whose soul has been impacted by a traumatic or abusive experience and are carrying scars from that time and who are ready to get to the core issue to heal from this experience. By recognising the impact of the trauma and abuse we can interpret the conditionings and behaviours formed and we can work to heal and retrieve parts of our soul that are left behind in these moments.

As an Esoteric soul healer, I will work with you to understand the signs of a broken spirit and the patterns that are formed from your perception in that moment of trauma or abuse and to move out of the complicated life where you are self-imprisoned because of that moment in time.

Who Can An Esoteric Soul Healer Help?

✴️ Anyone who senses they have a deep problem but isn’t sure how to solve it alone.


✴️ Anyone who wants to unlock what’s holding them back.


✴️ Anyone who has struggled to make changes or achieve a goal on their own.


✴️ Anyone who is ready to make the necessary changes in their lives to accomplish their goals.


✴️ Anyone looking to change their lives and become more confident, motivated and happy.


✴️ Anyone who wants to achieve self-empowerment.


✴️ Anyone who is looking for a more purposeful, happier and fulfilling life.

How to move into a better future with an Esoteric Soul Healer?

esoteric soul healer

Initial Discovery Session

When you first get in touch with me, we will set up your first 15 minute Initial Discovery Session which is at no cost to you.

This free session is getting to know you, identify the issues that are worrying you and challenges you are facing. This is also understand my method as an esoteric soul healer to ensure it is suitable to you.

We will set up an appointment time if you feel this is for you and we’ll discuss how you wish to receive the session via one to one, phone or skype.

Identifying Your Goals

Now you are aware of the issues and challenges that you face, I will help you to uncover the deeper hidden core issues that are causing these challenges.
Through inituition I will uncover the key questions that need to be answered by you to bring about your changes and start your journey to transformation.

Implementing Changes in Your Life

As you make these new changes in your life, you may feel out of sorts, as your life will take a major swing in a new direction. This can upset your routine and the routine of others around you. Don’t despair, this is normal and you just need to be supported as you bring forth this new life.

We will continue our mentoring sessions to make sure your transition as comfortable and easy as possible. Any road blocks that occur, we can talk them out and work through those issues.

When you have an ephiphany, the situation becomes a story. With awareness, action and change, the dysfunction is defused and you can move forward into a brighter future.



Christine is a one in a million person. As I was driving away from our time together all I could think was “WOW”!! It was literally life-changing.

As I chatted with Christine I was saying things from long ago that I thought was irrelevant (or that I had forgotten about) On a sub-conscious level all of these things came out that I could then identify and really observe.

I love that Christine is so open and non-judgemental but I will say YOU will need to be ready to look at (and I mean really!) look at yourself honestly.

Thank you Christine for helping me to understand myself better and therefore able to move forward with more confidence and true understanding ! Absolutely a life-changing session. Wish I could give you 6 stars!!


– Joanne D, Lake Macquarie



I was having some issues moving forward, I had known for months that there was something blocking this process.

I was introduced to Christine and made an appointment to see her. Within the first 5 minutes, Christine had identified what my blockage(s) were, and over the next hour, we worked through them, discovering and dissecting layer upon layer, often at an subconscious level.

As we moved through each step, I had a feeling of awareness and recognition, until we reached the core issue, and then it was a relief when it was recognised, and I instantly felt lighter.

I highly recommend Christine, I was impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, and how she can tap into your subconscious mind, and help you understand what is holding you back.

-Jacqui Williams Hamilton, NSW. 



I highly recommend Christine Cowin. She helped me tremendously finding my passion and path of life.

She offered me all the guidance I needed to discover my inner self and which path for me to take. I started my sessions with Christine while traveling in Australia and finished my sessions on Skype.

Christine is very flexible, compassionate and an experienced life coach. She will help you discover yourself and archetype, so you can choose the right path for yourself.

– Susanne V, Texas

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